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Compromiso cívico

Unidad Popular Benito Juarez (Unidad Popular) was established as community base grassroot organization for the needs of the marginalized Indigenous community and low-income families.  

Since its foundation Unidad Popular  has been working closely with with numerous organization to get services to those need community and areas. 


Our work consist of house meetings, one to one, and large gathering with topics that effects the marginalized Indigenous community such as Farm Workers Right, Education Right, Interpretation, specially to those families that only speaks its native language.


Also, Unidad Popular has successfully organized and collaborated in multiple events that relate to Culture and Traditions that reaches out to the most vulnerable families of California.  The events consist on bringing back some of the traditional events held in the State of Oaxaca to California with the concept of “Desde Oaxaca para California”. 


Unidad Popular colaborates with other agencies and business but also members of the community who value its concept of “Por la difucion y el desarrollo de la Cultura Indigena” (For the difucion and the development of the Indigenous culture).

Current and previous Activities​

Food Distribution:  Unidad Popular Benito Juarez with the assistance of United Way of Kern, for 30 days we distributed food to margined Indigenous, farmworkers and low income families in Kern County. Reaching out to some of the communities that hardly anyone goes. Some of the communities that we reached was: Arvin, Lamont, Weedpatch, Taft, and Lost Hills. With a small group of volunteers we were able to pass out 6 thousand plates in 30 days about 200 plates daily. View Video on YouTube

COVID-19 Relief Funds for Indigenous Community: Once again Unidad Popular Benito Juarez giving out relief funds to the Indigenous Community that reside in Arvin, CA, thanks to BHC and the folks that contribute to the need of our community. for more information about Unidad Popular please visit www.cupbj.orgView Video on Youtube

Youth Project: Unidad Popular has been working with Indigenous youth., the purpose of the project is to educate the youth about our culture and tradition, create leadership within our community.  Read more....​


Basic Rigths: Civic Engagement, such as, Farmworkers Right, Housing Rights, Immigration Rights., Derecho al Voto, Censo (Hazte Contar).  Read more.....

Guelaguetza: The Guelaguetza  A Zapotec Word signifying offering our offertory, Guelaguetza was the term used to describe the ceremony and celebration held each year to propitiate the gods in return for sufficient rain and a bountiful harvest. Read more......

Festival Mixteco: Festival Mixteco was an event that was established by Unidad Popular Benito Juarez from 2002-2008 with the community of San Juan Mixtepec Oaxaca.  Event was establish to recover our culture and tradition here in the United States.  Read more.....

Copa Benito Juarez: Basketball is one of the most popular game that the Indigenous community like to play.  Unidad Popular celebrates the "Copa Benito Juarez" every March 21,  Read more.....

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